Brief Introduction of Zhuji City
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Location: Brief Introduction of Zhuji City  
Brief Introduction of Zhuji City
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Brief Introduction of Zhuji City
Zhuji City is one of the ancient capitals of Yue Kingdom and the native place of Xishi. It covers an area of 2,311 square kilometers with a population of 1.0559 million, and has 27 townships(sub-districts), 468 villages, 69 urban communities under its jurisdiction. Locating in the south wing of the Yangtze Delta, middle and north part of Zhejiang, with Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway, and Jinhua-Hangzhou Highway throughout its entire area and the Zhuji-Yongjia (Wenzhou) Expressway and Zhuji-Shaoxing Expressway under construction, with only 200 km away from Shanghai, 90 km away from Hangzhou, and 60 km away from Xiaoshan International Airport, Zhuji enjoys an obvious regional advantage. With picturesque mountains and rivers, Zhuji is one of the China¡¯s excellent tourist cities, in which there is a State-level Scenic Region----Huanjiang River-Wuxie Scenic Region.
Zhuji possesses a highly developed non-state economy and distinguished regional features. With 100,000 privately-owned industrial and commercial enterprises registered with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, we have 15 key regional industries£¬ the machinery, hosiery and weaving industries alone contribute an annual output of over 20 billion yuan. In 2006, Zhuji¡¯s total output value reached 37.676 billion yuan, it had a fiscal revenue of 3.343 billion yuan, per capita disposable income of 20,056 yuan for urban residents, and per capita net income of 9,050 yuan for rural residents and its comprehensive strength ranked 24th in the top hundred counties nationwide. Zhuji has been named Hometown of Pearls, Hometown of Hosiery, Hometown of Chinese Torreya Nuts, Hometown of Organic Tea, Hometown of fine Shirts, Hometown of Folk Art, Construction Capital of Zhejiang Province, City of High-Quality Education in Zhejiang Province, City of Advanced Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province, Competitive City in Sports in Zhejiang Province, and recognized as Avanced County Nationwide in Infrastructure Education, Progressing Science and Technology, Good Family Planning Service, Performance of Rural Traditional Chinese Medicine, Grain Yield, Excellent County Nationwide in Comprehensive Environmental Improvement, Advanced City Nationwide in Public Health, Model City Nationwide in Community Construction, National Garden City, National Public Health City and successfully passed the inspection by the State Environmental Protection Bureau to be the national model city of environmental protection.


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